Keep Bad Breath at Bay

Practing Good Dental Care Does Not Have To Be Hard You Can Depend On Us To Take Care of That For you

Doggie kisses aren't all that pleasant when your dog has bad breath. The Wash'n Wag'n provides dog teeth cleaning services designed to get rid of hound halitosis. Teeth cleaning is an important part of pet care because it can prevent cavities and tooth decay. Your dog's comfort and health are very important to us. That's why we are meticulous in our teeth cleaning.

If you're in need of dog teeth cleaning services you can add this service to your grooming appointment , give us a call today.

Check Out OUr Additional Services

Nail Clipping

  • Small Dogs 0 - 25 lbs - $12
  • Medium 25-50 lbs - $15
  • Large 50 lbs and up - $20

Nail Dremel

Nail Dremeling is a good alternative if the dog has had a bad experience with getting their nails clipped

  • Small Dogs 0 - 25 lbs - $15
  • Medium 25-50 lbs - $20
  • Large 50 lbs and up - $25

Ear Flush $15

Benefits of Dog Ear Cleaning

  • Helps avoid ear infections and trapped water in the ear canal
  • Helps flush out mites, ticks, and other critters that flock to the ear
  • Helps prevent itchiness and other discomforts in the ears

Anal Gland Expression (small dogs only 0-25 lbs)


How Do you know your dog needs their anal glad expressed?

  • noticing an unpleasant and unholy fishy smell coming from your dog and left behind wherever they were seated
  • If you noticed your dog scooting its behind around on the carpet or the grass
  • Signs of painful pooping, like screaming or whining while trying to go

Flea and Tick Wash


Teeth Brushing


Blueberry Facial


If you are going to do something special for your dog to not only make them feel good but also improve the overall appearance and health of his skin and fur along his face. Pamper him with a blueberry facial.